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The Yellow Chilli

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chillies are usually blood red or in different hues of green and almost always loaded with pungency! Years ago, amidst a mass of green and red chillies, I bumped into a yellow chilli. I discovered it on the streets of Meerut, my mother's hometown.

As all connoisseurs are aware Meerut is the melting pot of unique chaats. The special yellow chilli spice mix that the chaatwallas use here adds that extra zing and bring together a confluence of flavours, aroma and colour. And that is exactly what my kind of food represents!

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    Tomato Basil Shorba

    Desi meets videsi in this soup made with tomatoes and basil.

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    Harippa Paneer Tikka

    Tandoor cooked cottage cheese marinated in a blend of chill and spices.Dil,dimag aur taste buds bole hadippa!

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    Tangra Chilli Paneer

    Don't want to travel all the way to china town in Kolkata? Try the famous dish here.

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    Spicy crisp outer covering,flesh so succulent,subtly flavoured with spices,add a ash of lamon and this becomes an excellent start to a meal.

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    For your soul


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